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Civil Engineering is what I went to school for.


Civil Engineering is how I spent the first 9 years of my professional career.

Walking away from the security of engineering would prove to be the hardest act I've ever performed. 

The show had to go on, after all. (Read: I eat several times a day and wanted to keep eating, have shelter, etc...)

In my career as an engineer I learned much more than technical knowhow. Perhaps most importantly, I learned that if I could succeed in a career that I wasn't passionate about, imagine what I could do working in a field in which I actually gave a damn?

I was an odd duck that got the exact same score in Math as I did Verbal on my SATs, and I laugh about it now, but I chose an engineering major because I didn't like the (perceived) subjectivity of writing for a letter grade. 


I enjoy writing for an emotion. Preferably laughter, introspection and having the reader walk away with the sense that they got out more than they put in. That will always be my letter grade. 

California Polytechnique State University, San Luis Obispo tought me the importance of "Learn by Doing." Their motto helped me be a successful engineer, and lights my fire on my new endeavor today. 

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