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  • I embody the "attract more flies with honey" approach. 

  • I spearheaded the syndication partnership program in January 2016 in an effort to expand our content reach.

  • Grew partnerships from 3 to over 80 in 6 months.

  • I found potential syndication partnership leads.

  • I turned potential syndication partnership leads into regular clients, onboarding them into our program.

  • I managed key client accounts.

  • I was the primary point of contact for our clients.

Key syndication client acquired

  • Someecards: Over 5.8 million followers

Key syndication client acquired

  • Hulk Hogan: Over 5.4 million followers

  • As a Civil Engineering project manager for Entellus, Inc. I was responsible for exceeding client expectation for multi-million dollar Civil Improvement Projects.

  • I managed, roadway, waterline, sewerline, and flood mitigation projects all with the client's needs in mind.

  • I ran meetings. Ohhh did I run meetings.

  • I coordinated with the public, City officials, City engineers and utility companies. 

  • Did I mention meetings? So many meetings.

  • If there was an interested party in a Public Works project I was working on, my job was to orchestrate everyone's happiness till project completion.

  • Client management was my favorite part of the job, and I was good at it too. I just knew Civil Engineering wasn't the vehicle for me to find happiness in my work.

  • Plus meetings.


Key project

  • Chandler Arizona: Gilbert Road

    • 4.5 miles of Roadway improvements​

    • Every utility company under the sun was involved

    • Over the course of 5 years, I managed the clients, the design, and approximately 4,237 meetings


Time Warp 5 Years Later

Client Relations Manager

SFG Media Goup 

Project Manager - Entellus, Inc.

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