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Black & Veatch


As the Social Media Manager for Black & Veatch's Global Marketing and Communications (GMC) Department I develop and execute all strategies pertaining to growing and strengthening the company's global presence on social media for our numerous engineering and construction business lines.  

I created and have grown our social media employee advocacy program to empower our employees to be brand ambassadors through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. As a B2B company with over 10,000 employees my primary emphasis has been to leverage LinkedIn through targeted messaging and what I call "my social media army of advocates."

Given the reputation of being a historically dry, bland and highly technical industry, my approach to social media copy has been to inject some personality and zest (with a timely .gif or two because I just can't resist) while maintaining professionalism.

Within GMC I work directly with our PR, Creative and Events teams and together we are responsible for serving our internal business partners with a level of excellence that has made the demand for our services within the company at an all-time high. 

By the Numbers


2017 = 1,000 new followers/month

2019 = 3,000+ new followers/month


Month-Over-Month LinkedIn Follower Growth

Annual Reports Downloads Via Social


Corporate Page

Employee Advocates

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