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Quirky, witty, wonky. HotelTonight has a unique voice that shines in all of their copy.

I wrote over 800 unique "Why We Like It" hotel descriptions for properties all over the globe using HotelTonight's quick-tongued tone. 

Black Diamond Sports is a brick and mortar skateboard shop located in Palo Alto, CA.


They were looking to create an online company image and boost their presense in the eye of the almighty Google. 

I wrote hundreds of SEO-rich product descriptions for sunglasses, audio/video equipment and backpacks in a voice that speaks to their youthful consumers.

CrowdSource provides companies looking for copy with a massive pool of willing and able writers.

I was tasked with writing in-depth neighborhood description copy for one of such client.

This involved extensive research, information synthesis and creating straight forward and accurate depictions of what one might expect visiting various neighborhoods across the country.

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