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DaVita Kidney Care

As the Senior Content Writer, Editor and Strategist for Davita's Physician Experience Group, I write/edit/deploy all of the company's physician-facing communications. I then analyze raw consumption data and derive communication strategies based on that data.


As a relatively new entity within DaVita, I've helped develop the Physician Experience Group's governance process, which gives structure for the company as a whole regarding the many internal business groups needing to communicate with physicians. I've also helped develop a new communications app, offering guidance to our internal development team on functionalities and data output required for success.

In addition to that, I occaisionally guest write on the DaVita Stories Blog as you can see below:

Piko Technologies, Inc.

Piko Technologies, Inc. is a start-up based in the San Franciso Bay Area looking to launch their wireless mouse device. They hired me as a consultant to handle:

  • Branding (I came up with the name Piko, as well as the device name: PenPoint.)

  • Website Copy

  • Social Media Management

  • Visual Media Storyboarding

SFG Media Group - The San Francisco Globe

SFG Media Group is a leader in social media viral content creation. Among our many publications, articles I have written for have reached millions of readers worldwide. My engineering background made me the go-to candidate for heading special projects related to data analysis.

Though I now manage the Syndication Department, as a Content Creator my responsibilities included:

  • Curating viral content specific for a variety of demographics

  • Framing viral images and crafting viral headlines

  • Analyzing internal data to maximize reach

  • Composing compelling articles with journalistic integrity

  • Conducting interviews

  • Acting in several (pretty bad) YouTube videos

Over 1 million organic views 

Reached over 3.5 million views in 150 countries

The Nose Milk

The Nose Milk is an online publication that blends news with comics. 

As a content creator for The Nose Milk, I was responsible for:

  • Curating content

  • Writing engaging articles

  • Crafting illustration descriptions for our illustrators to draw that accompany my pieces (like the one below).

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