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My Story

I'm Gabe. 


A writer who believes that content isn't king...


...connecting is.


Also coffee. Okay let's say connecting, coffee and reliable wifi are like the three main kings. 


I spent the first nine years of my career as an engineer, then retired in pursuit of a career where human interaction, creativity and bringing people together with positivity would fuel my spirit as well as my economic engine. 

In a nearly successful attempt at giving my parents a heart attack, I spent my first few post-engineering months living in a trailer working for a traveling carnival in Michigan.


I've since built a writing career where I use the power of words and my technical background to engage with people from all walks of life, and to hopefully leave the world a happier place than when I found it.

I love words, humans, data and I can teach you how to win carnival games. 

I'm Gabe

That guy using the coffee shop's wifi.


Contact Me

(602) 617-6928

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